Puppy Application
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City, State & full mailing address including Zip code:
Phone Number:
I have read over the "Puppy Info" page. ( If not please do so before completing a Questionnaire ) Yes
How did you find us or where did you hear about us:
What is your occupation
Are you married Yes
Do you have children? If so, how many, and what ages:
What do you live in: House
Town Home
Do you rent or own? If rent, are you allowed to have a medium to large dog:
How long have you lived in your current location
Do you have a fenced in yard: Yes
Have you ever owned a boxer before: Yes
Please list all dogs/pets you now own
What made you decide on a boxer:
Are you aware that boxers are high energy dogs:
Is your puppy going to live inside or out:
What is the purpose of the puppy: Pet only
Show & breeding
Are you interested in having your puppy's ears cropped here for an additional $450? Yes
Are you aware that all pet and white puppies come on limited registration: Yes
No, pleaase explain this to me?
What is your gender preference: Male
No preference
What is your color preference Fawn
Fawn & White
Brindle & White
No preference
Would you consider a puppy of a color or gender that is not your preference: Yes
Are you aware that if you need to have your puppy shipped/delivered shipping and delivery costs are an additional $450 Yes
I will pick up in person
How soon are you wanting a puppy, and how long are you willing to wait:
If you are interested in a particular puppy please indicate puppy by name here
Here you may add any additional comments or questions you may have:

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