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Here you will find just a few pictures and testimonials from some of the many families who adopted a puppy from us over the 2-plus decades we have been breeding. If you have a Cimarron Boxer and would like to leave a review and picture, please do so below.


This is our Aurora. She was born in June 2015 and was part of the Y group. She was Yahana. Aurora is a wonderful boxer and we love her so much. She’s our fur baby and protects her human babies everyday. Fantastic guard dog and very loyal and loving. She gives tons of kisses too. Thank you Cimarron for this healthy beautiful boxer. We hope to get another one soon.

Alexis S.

This is our Ralphie boy “Cimarrons Jag.” He is a healthy 8-year-old, 85 lb big boy who loves people and playing with kids. Great family dog. Loving personality. No health issues. Cimarron Boxers was very professional to work with. Would definitely use them again.

Rene Madeiras Bona

Ralphie boy "Cimarrons Jag"
Zeek Von Cimarron

This handsome boy is five years old today! We love you Zeek Von Cimarron!!! Couldn’t have asked for a sweeter puppy!!!

Laura Nugent Hanneman

We are on our 3rd Cimarron boxer. They are great camping buddies, Great with kids and grandkids. Cimarron is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Kenny Thompson

3rd Puppy Adopted
Clyde Boxer

Clyde (E litter) is 1 year old today! He’s always full of energy and just looooves people and dogs. He’s also very well behaved, except when there’s food on the counter. I am so happy he’s been a part of our family.

Colin Lee-To

Freya, our 7 month old boxer is a joy to have in our lives! She is spunky, sweet and a very smart girl! Thank you Cimarron Boxers for sharing her with us!

Teresa Heesch

Freya Boxer Puppy
Penelope Yasmin the European Boxer Puppy

Our Penelope Yasmin (just “Yasmin” from the “Y” litter of June 2015) blessed us from Cimarron. They were great and we’ve kept in touch through fb over the years. Penelope is beautiful and an amazing personality. Great with every human and animal soul. Sweet as sugar, smart as a whip, and a beautiful boxer. The fourth boxer of my life and so I’m familiar with breed traits, both physical and personality. And a real strong facial profile and perfect physique. But most of all, a kissy, lovey, loyal, extremely affectionate girl.

Joseph Tambaro

These 2 knuckleheads are (l)Fiona & (r) Finn. I fell in love with Finn in 2014 from the picture that Christy had on her website. A few weeks later he was ours!! A year later Finn’s half-sister, Fiona (same dad) was available. They are the best parts of my day!! I just wish I could share more pics with you!! Thanks, Cimarron Boxers for giving us all great family dogs!!

Maureen Minnick Anton

Fiona and Finn Boxer Puppies
Akers Boxer Puppies

We have gotten 2 puppies from Cimarron Boxers. Our Hanna is almost 11 and Falcon is 8 months. Both are great family dogs and have good temperaments. Minimal health issues and vet visits for both, Hanna being older has had some recent concerns which are being managed and she is doing well. We had good communication with the breeder from when we picked out our pup to when we got it home. We love our Cimarron Boxers!

Kerri Redmond Akers

Bodie (Yukon) born March 29th, 2012! We love him to pieces!

Kaitlyn Denopoulos

Bodie Boxer Puppy
Vance and Indie Boxer Puppies

We have gotten 2 pets from Cimarron Boxers, wonderful healthy, happy pets when we picked them up.  Christie and her husband are wonderful to work with, providing great updates on the pups until they are ready to go to their forever homes.  Highly recommend!!

Jenny Javers

Our beautiful Sage. She is the queen of the house, no doubt. Little sleepy in this pic. Just back from the beach! Love her, thank you Christy and Jonathan. Can’t wait for the next litter!

Lorraine Laxton

Sage the European Boxer Puppy
Vader the European Boxer

Vader/Caliber (C-litter) is checking in at 16 weeks and 34lbs. He is doing great and being spoiled. I am working on getting a better set of photos but he seems to know when I am trying and either lays down looking away or runs up and sits in my lap looking at the camera from about an inch away. I’ll keep you better posted as we go. Thank you and your family again for the opportunity to have such an amazing puppy to my family.

George Boardwine

Sofie Mae Frost from Cimarron Boxers, 9 days shy of 9 months old. Sweet, feisty, and super smart. We just adore her and loved working with Cimarron. Thank you, Christy, for letting us raise one of your beautiful babies.

Janice Mesli

Sofie Mae Frost
Beau the European Boxer Puppy

We got Beau and loved his temperament so much, we were lucky to be able to get his sister (from another litter) Lily, a year later. You can tell they came from the same parents. They are attached to each other. Such an amazing part of our family. Can’t recommend you all enough.

Danelle Stipes

This is Sita! She is perfect in every way and is the best pet sister to her human siblings. We can take her anywhere and she is the life of the party. I flew out to pick her up and brought her back to Washington state just in time. I met Cimarron Boxers at the airport and I fell in love with her the moment I saw her.

Robert Bennedsen

Sita the European Boxer Puppy
Leslie's Boxer Puppy

This is my Boxer I got on April and I could not ask for a better boxer. He is my baby and Cimarron boxer she was great to work with. If I ever get another boxer I would definitely get another one of their pups ❤️He is very smart pup.

Leslie Parkins

We have two boxers from Cimarron and they are the light of our lives! They are super smart, sweet and the epitome of “Boxerness”. Everyone that sees them, comments on how beautiful they are and we have to agree!!

Cristina Viola

Cristina's European Boxer Puppies
Webster and Sherman European Boxer Puppies

We have two babies from them, a 9.5 year old white boxer and a 3 year old brindle. I love working with them!

Gina Steele

This is our boxer, Boaz, from Cimarron Boxers. He is a healthy, happy, and engaging 80 lb 21 month old male. We live in AZ and flew out to pick him up just as Covid struck in March 2020!

Nina Triolo

Boaz the European Boxer Puppy

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